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The wire and cable industry is facing a turning point: broadening the path of transformation

Potential and challenge coexist

"In recent years,the rapid development of national economy has driven the rapid development of wire and cable industry.The wire and cable industry provides important supporting facilities for national defense construction and major construction projects,is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of modern economy and society,and is also an indispensable product for people's daily life.In the global market,China's total output value of wires and cables has also surpassed that of the United States,becoming the world's largest producer of wires and cables,which has a decisive impact on the world's wire and cable manufacturing industry."Hua Jianhui, vice governor of Anhui Province,said at the meeting.

At the same time,with the promotion of China's urbanization,the continuous expansion of the power industry,data communication industry,urban rail transit industry,automobile industry,shipbuilding industry and other industries,the demand for wires and cables in the whole market will still grow rapidly,and the wire and cable industry has great development potential in the future."However,in the process of rapid development of wire and cable industry,some disadvantages are emerging,such as overcapacity,low industrial concentration and weak innovation ability.Market competition is not standardized,some quality dishonesty behavior often occurs,and all kinds of accidents caused by unqualified quality occur from time to time,causing great harm to national property and personal safety."Ding Shanhua,chairman of Jiangsu Shangshang cable group,said.

Wei Chuanzhong,deputy director of AQSIQ,also said that at present,the development level of China's wire and cable industry is not high,and it is still in the development stage of winning by quantity.The development concept and value pursuit of winning by quality have not been generally recognized in the whole industry.At the same time,the product quality of small and medium-sized enterprises fluctuates greatly,the homogenization competition of middle and low-end products is serious,and the technological innovation ability is weak.There is still a long way to go for the transformation and upgrading of wire and cable industry and the improvement of quality.


Develop both inside and outside to enhance industrial competitiveness

"If the cable industry wants to develop healthily and quickly,it cannot do without the support of the government,suppliers and users,as well as the efforts of the enterprises themselves."Ding Shanhua said that China's wire and cable industry must accelerate transformation and upgrading,enhance competitiveness,and realize more high-end product manufacturing."Quality improvement,transformation and upgrading will become the main theme of the wire and cable industry in the future,and also the only way out for the wire and cable industry production enterprises.How to rise and how to turn is a difficult problem that we have to solve.""While enterprises continue to strengthen the quality and brand building of wire and cable products,government agencies also need to focus on the standardization of the access mechanism of the telecommunications cable industry,the construction of the market environment and the increase of supervision."Jiang Xipei,vice president of China Enterprise Federation,said.

Ding Shanhua also said:"in recent years,the focus of government regulation and supervision is mainly in the field of wire and cable production,while there is little supervision on upstream raw material suppliers.However,the quality of cable materials determines the quality of cable products.Many domestic raw material manufacturers have poor quality assurance ability,and the product quality fluctuates greatly, which has become the bottleneck for cable manufacturers to improve the quality.Therefore,the government should take measures to strengthen the supervision of raw material manufacturers to provide strong support for wire and cable manufacturers to ensure product quality and upgrade product grade.""At present,there are many kinds of licenses,certificates and network access certificates for wires and cables.After obtaining the certificates,the production enterprises spend a lot of energy and financial resources to deal with the supervision.It is also necessary for the government to establish a unified and effective supervision mechanism and mutual recognition mechanism for product certification,so as to effectively reduce the burden of enterprises. ".

In this regard,Wei Chuanzhong said that in the next step,AQSIQ will continue to work with relevant departments to strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises and implement the legal responsibility of quality and safety assurance by means of adjusting production license,nationwide linkage supervision and spot check,and implementing classified supervision;make full use of market mechanism to further increase the disclosure of quality information;strengthen government supervision and strict source access In order to promote the quality improvement and transformation development of wire and cable industry,we should improve the social governance mechanism and give full play to the role of industry self-discipline.



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