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Wire drawing die hole type: the key to fine machining

The wire drawing die is usually divided into six areas structurally, including the inlet area, the lubrication area, the 

compression area, the sizing area, the pressure reduction area and the outlet area. When maintaining drawing dies, 

special attention needs to be paid to the lubrication and compression zones. The angle of the lubrication zone is usually 

50 degrees, while the angle of the compression zone is between 12-16 degrees. Many wire factories often struggle to 

determine whether the drawing die has been damaged due to the lack of ability to repair and inspect the wire drawing

die. Prolonged use of drawing dies that have not been serviced in a timely manner can lead to significant bore diameters

that exceed design requirements and severe wear in the compression zone. This can eventually lead to an increase in the

angle of the compression zone, which can lead to cable breakage or stripping. When the wire drawing machine cover is

opened, you may notice a large amount of copper powder accumulated at the inlet of some wire drawing dies. At this

time, this situation in your factory indicates that the wire die repair is late, and it also highlights the importance of wire

drawing die maintenance. It is very difficult to restore a severely worn wire drawing die to its original size and angle.

The decompression zone of the wire drawing die is an important area. When the copper wire passes through the

compression zone and sizing zone of the drawing die, its diameter has been greatly compressed. When the copper wire

reaches the decompression zone, the diameter increases and it comes into direct contact with the surface of the 

decompression zone. If the decompression zone of the iw drawing die is too rough, it will cause the surface of the

copper wire to be scratched. 

Similarly, the export of tinning dies also needs attention. Due to prolonged use, hard fine powder accumulates at the

outlet of the tinning die, which affects the diameter and roundness of the tinning wire. Therefore, it is necessary to

clean the adhered fine powder regularly. During the cleaning process, a small air mill and grinding head can be used,

but care must be taken not to damage the diamond.

The maintenance of the wire drawing die is essential for the normal operation and prolongation of the service life of

the wire factory. Wire factories should strengthen the repair and maintenance of wire drawing dies to ensure their

performance and life. Regularly inspect various areas of the drawing die, especially the lubrication and compression

zones, to ensure the accuracy of its angles and dimensions. When any abnormalities are found, repairs and

replacements should be carried out immediately. In addition, the decompression zone and the outlet of the tinning

die need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a good surface finish. Only in this way can we ensure the working effect

and product quality of the wire drawing die, and improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

Maintaining a good wire drawing die not only has an important impact on the production quality of the wire factory,

but also reduces the failure rate and production costs. By strengthening the maintenance of drawing dies, wire factories

are able to improve the consistency and stability of products, meet the needs of customers, and occupy a dominant

position in the market competition. Therefore, in the wire factory, the maintenance of wire drawing die is an important

topic, which needs to attract sufficient attention and investment.




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