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Understand the production process of tinning wire and the key role of export wire drawing dies in application scenarios

It is recommended to regularly clean the fine powder accumulated at the outlet of the tinning die to ensure that the

diameter and roundness of the tinning wire are stable. At the same time, it is recommended to use the "group" 

management method to manage the wire drawing dies, that is, either to produce together or to replace together, rather

than just replacing the dies near the broken wire. Generally speaking, you only need to measure whether the nearby wire

diameter is within the specified range by measuring the micrometer to judge whether the drawing die is normal, and 

check whether there are problems such as copper powder accumulation at the drawing die inlet. If the above two points

are normal, it means that there is no problem with the iw wire drawing die itself, and it can be solved by simply replacing

the outlet drawing die.

Why can simply replacing the outlet wire drawing die solve the problem? Assuming that the take-up speed is 2000m/min,

and the last drawing die hole diameter is 0.1275mm, if the exit drawing die is replaced with 0.1260mm, this will have an

impact on the linear speed of the intermediate drawing die section, and then affect the matching of tension. Therefore,

when designing the drawing die arrangement, it is necessary to start the design from the outlet drawing die and design

in the order from small to large, rather than the other way around. The design principle of the largest wire drawing die is

that the reduction rate of raw materials and pore size should be lower than that of the machine.

To sum up, controlling the size of the last die aperture not only directly affects the material cost, but also directly 

relates to the problem of wire drawing breakage. In the production process, we should pay close attention to the 

accumulation of fine powder at the outlet, clean it regularly, and reasonably manage the wire drawing die to ensure the

stability of the quality of the tinning line. 




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