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Opportunities and Challenges in China's Wire Rod Industry: Strategies for Addressing IW Core Technologies

IW is committed to becoming the most valuable diamond wire drawing die core technology provider, helping China's high-end wire industry to take off.

During the long-term use of the diamond wire drawing die, the die wall is subject to strong friction and scouring of the metal wire, which will inevitably produce abrasion. The most common one is the annular groove (dent) at the wire entrance in the working area.

After the ring groove of the diamond wire drawing die appears, the wear of the die hole is aggravated, because the small particles of the core material peeled off due to the loosening of the ring groove are brought into the working area and the sizing area of the die hole by the metal wire, which acts as an abrasive. The wire entering the die hole will aggravate the wear of the die hole like a sharpening pin.

If it is not replaced in time for repair, the ring groove will continue to expand at an accelerated rate, making repair more difficult, and there may even be cracks in the deeper part of the ring groove, causing the drawing die to be completely broken and scrapped.


We analyze the problem from two aspects:

One, Improper use of diamond wire drawing dies in the wire drawing process causes rapid wear of the die

1. The drawing compression rate is too large, causing the drawing die to crack or break. Most of the cracks or broken cracks are caused by the release of internal stress. In any material structure, the existence of internal stress is inevitable. The internal stress generated when the wire is drawn can enhance the microcrystalline structure of the mold, but when the compression rate of the drawing is too large, it cannot be lubricated in time and the temperature rise is too high, which will cause the mold surface Part of the material is removed, the internal stress of the microcrystalline structure is greatly increased, making it easier to crack or break.

2. The drawing axis of the wire is asymmetrical to the center line of the die hole, resulting in uneven internal stress on the wire and drawing die, and the impact generated by mechanical vibration will also cause high stress peaks on the wire and drawing die, both Will accelerate the wear of the mold. Factors such as uneven wire hardness caused by uneven annealing can easily cause premature fatigue damage to the diamond wire drawing die, forming annular grooves, and aggravating die hole wear.

3. The surface of the wire is rough, and the surface adhesion of oxide layer, sand or other impurities will cause the mold to wear out too quickly. When the wire passes through the die hole, the hard and brittle oxide layer and other adhering impurities will cause the die hole of the drawing die to wear quickly and scratch the surface of the wire like abrasives.

4. Poor lubrication or the lubricating oil contains metal debris and impurities that cause mold wear. Poor lubrication will cause the surface temperature of the die hole to rise too fast during wire drawing, and the diamond grains will fall off, resulting in damage to the die. When the lubricating oil is not clean, especially if it contains metal chips that fall off during drawing, it is easy to scratch the surface of the mold and the wire.

Second, the diamond wire drawing die causes rapid wear of the die due to its own quality factors

1. The asymmetrical inlay of the diamond wire drawing die blank and the die steel sleeve, and the uneven distribution or gaps of the inlaid cemented carbide steel sleeve can easily lead to U-shaped cracks during the wire drawing process.

2. The hole design of the diamond wire drawing die is unreasonable. If the entrance lubrication area is too small and the setting area is too long, it will cause poor lubrication and cause the wire drawing die to wear and even break.

3. During the laser drilling process of the diamond die blank, unclean sintering marks or uneven heating will cause the metal catalysts and bonding agents in the diamond layer to gather together, which will easily lead to pits in the die during the wire drawing process.

It is learned from experience that it is very economical to formulate a set of norms and standards, strengthen daily maintenance, and frequently overhaul the drawing dies. Once the drawing die has any slight wear and polishing, it will take a short time to restore the drawing die to the original polished state, and there is no obvious change in the hole size of the drawing die.

If you want to make the diamond wire drawing die you buy meet the quality requirements, you must also choose a reliable mold manufacturer. What kind of mold company is reliable? Generally speaking, this kind of reliability also has a certain relationship with the scale of the enterprise. Only when the mold manufacturer you choose has a certain scale, and when you use the mold products they produce, can you feel reliable. .

why would you said this? One is that large-scale enterprises have their own strength in this area when they are producing themselves. We all know that for the current industrial age, especially for products such as wire drawing dies, it is impossible to use It can be produced by hand, and it is necessary to use professional drawing die production equipment, and professional equipment must be better introduced and updated in large-scale enterprises.

Therefore, large-scale drawing die manufacturers often have their own reliability in this regard. Another point is that when some small manufacturers produce themselves, they often do not have their own bottom line on the product, so when they use it, It is difficult to be reassuring, but large-scale drawing die companies are different, because they have more investment in their own companies, so they dare not mess around with the quality of their products.



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