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Laser processing of polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies: innovative technology leads the development of the mold industry

1.Dies recipients should be familiar with the drawing process line,to distinguish whether the corresponding specifications and technology,or cause wasted effort,but also damage the wire and die.

2.When wearing full-mold first mold by size specifications correspond neatly,checking copper wire surface quality is satisfactory,abnormal timely notification,when each mold wear to ensure that the wire surface lubricating fluid,as far as possible to ensure sufficient lubrication (carried out through immersion mode).Also check each runner mold dimensional tolerances meets the process requirements.

3.wear mold is completed,check whether the mold was in the process of state three-point line,if any part of the device Wire hard friction,found irregularities to make timely adjustments,otherwise cause the wire surface damage arising from severe and,after expansion mode Step twist broken.

4.A comprehensive inspection is completed,

①To lock bolt fastened to prevent vibration of the machine to produce bamboo silk.

②Check the level of lubricant meets the lubrication and cooling the finished mold.

5.When you start First ensure the machine running at low speed so that the surface of the mold fully running,in order to enhance the wear resistance of the mold life.

6.The process of drawing replace the mold must meet the following conditions:

①When the wire diameter does not meet the technical requirements;

Rupture or severe pull mullahs marks,to check the status of the wire,three-point line,lubrication conditions,before and after the mold tolerance does not meet the requirements resulting in some uneven compression ratio,the mold surface adhesion of severe thermal conductivity of mold appear

②mold drawing process;

③replace good old mold to conduct inspection and analysis,in order to take full advantage of the right;

④process changes to the cover die mold when the Treasury to be identified,indicating the number of days drawing,mold dimensional tolerances are within the scope of the process,in order to mold the library staff in a short classified storage.




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