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Pro Guide: How to choose a wire drawing die to create a top-notch product

When selecting the right tool, it is necessary to consider the wire diameter, material hardness and the requirements

for the surface of the brushed conductor. In general, artificial polycrystalline drawing dies are an ideal choice when

wire diameters are greater than 0.10mm and hard materials need to be used. The wire drawing die has a lathe-cut 

groove located on the side to indicate its material type. Although the artificial polycrystalline drawing die itself is less

hard, there are a large number of tiny potholes on the polycrystalline surface that help store the drawing oil and form

an oil film on the working surface of the wire drawing die. This layer of oil film creates an isolation between the copper

wire and the drawing die, making the artificial polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die more wear-resistant and lasting

longer than the natural diamond wire drawing die. Therefore, for brass wires, copper-clad steels or nickel-plated wires

that require hard materials and do not require high requirements for the surface of the drawn conductors, we can

choose artificial polycrystalline drawing dies.

For wire diameters of less than 0.10mm and the use of soft wire, or high requirements for the surface of the finished wire 

drawing, natural diamond wire drawing dies are a more suitable choice. In contrast to artificial polycrystalline diamond 

drawing dies, the surface of natural diamond drawing dies is mirror-like and cannot form an oil film. As a result, natural 

diamond drawing dies are more susceptible to damage in demanding applications. However, for soft wires and situations

where the surface of the finished wire is demanding, natural diamond wire drawing dies are still an ideal choice.

To sum up, according to the wire diameter, material hardness and the requirements for the surface of the brushed

conductor, we can choose the right drawing die. For wire diameters greater than 0.10mm, where hard materials are

required and the surface requirements for the brushed conductor are not high, artificial polycrystalline diamond dies are

the first choice. For wire diameters less than 0.10mm, soft wire rods are required, and the surface requirements for finished

wire products are high, natural diamond wire drawing dies are more suitable. Only by selecting the right wire drawing die

will we be able to better implement the drawing process and achieve the desired results. 




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