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Talent Concept

Corporate vision:

To become the most valuable technology provider of core issues of diamond drawing die,and help China's high-end die industry take off.


Talent concept:

Inspiring people with grand career,attracting people with favorable treatment,condensing people with excellent culture,creating conditions to cultivate people,stimulating employees' potential,promoting healthy growth,enhancing organizational ability and promoting strategic realization.

Regarding talents as the most precious enterprise resources,and taking"talents first,people-oriented" as the original side,a set of talent mechanism of"attaching importance to talents,loving talents,developing talents,using talents,retaining talents,and improving talents" has been formed.Taking the growth of employees and enterprises as the mission,the ultimate goal of"harmonious win-win and common development" has been achieved.

Firmly establish the concept of human resources as the first resource,adhere to the purpose of"respecting the value of talents,shaping the quality of talents,and committed to the growth of talents",and realize the common development of the company and its employees.

Implement the goal of"strengthening the enterprise with talents",absorb all kinds of talents,attract talents and gather talents,continuously optimize the human resources work system,and build a talent team with integrity and ability,loyalty and dedication, pragmatic innovation,Frank responsibility and outstanding performance.

To build an all-round development environment for talents with "both ability and political integrity,both internal and external emphasis,meritocracy and fair competition".

Create a personnel education mechanism with"platform for work,opportunity for innovation,space for development and return for contribution".

Pay attention to research and grasp the law of staff growth,continue to provide education and training,multi position exercise and opportunities to challenge themselves and realize self-worth for employees,and comprehensively cultivate and improve the comprehensive quality and ability of employees.

Through empowerment,employees' autonomy,initiative and creativity can be fully released,so that they can get more challenges and fun in their work and growth.

Starting from the needs of strategic and organizational development,focusing on the construction of talent team,a differentiated management system is formed for different talent groups,forming a closed-loop management system of talent standard,planning,selection,training,use and retention.

We should always adhere to the "people-oriented" talent concept,actively create an atmosphere of respect,understanding,integrity and friendship,respect people's knowledge and talent,selection and development mechanism,provide a growth platform for talents,make talents a strong support for the sustainable development of enterprises,and realize the common growth and development of enterprises and talents.

Based on the realization of management informatization,we should further improve the performance oriented incentive and assessment system,implement the salary and welfare system in line with the market and various forms of distribution,and form an atmosphere and mechanism conducive to the growth of talents.Education is the basis of employment.According to the characteristics of different types and levels of talents,we should constantly improve and innovate the personnel training mechanism,and put the theory into practice Training and practice,establish a wide coverage,multi-level,open talent training system,and gradually establish a new talent training mode in line with the enterprise environment.



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