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Drawing die application industry,how to select drawing dies

Wire Drawing Dies is a manufacturer of all kinds of metal wire drawn wire very important consumable products.

Drawing Die scope is very broad,mainly for drawing bar,wire die,pipes and other difficult to machine linear object,generally applied to steel,copper,tungsten,molybdenum and other metals and alloys of drawing operations.Because the cost of drawing dies can reach more than half of the cost of drawing,therefore,to how to reduce the cost of drawing dies consumption,increase its life is the most important problem of metal wire production unit is an urgent need to solve.

Despite drawing dies can be used for the processing of various steel,copper,tungsten,molybdenum and other metals and alloys,but drawing die of different materials have their own applicable range of processing,so a reasonable selection of drawing die material is the key to ensuring the success of the application to obtain The longest mold life.Drawing die of different materials has its relatively reasonable object to be processed.

Press material can be divided drawing dies steel mold,carbide mold,Natural Diamond Dies,polycrystalline diamond dies,CVD diamond and ceramic mold and other mold.And widely used in electronic devices,radar,television,instrumentation and aerospace and other high-tech industries,with strong resistance to abrasion,high life.

For example,when drawing the same diameter copper wire,PCD Dies life is 300 to 500 times the Carbide Die life,and only 80 to 100 times the nickel wire drawing dies,when drawing molybdenum wire,its Life carbide die life only 50 to 80 times,60 times and 20 to pull carbon,polycrystalline diamond carbide dies life only mode.

Blind choice,leading to frictional wear of wire drawing dies of complex,generally divided into two major categories of damage and friction and wear.

Wire Drawing Dies damage can be divided into cyclic damage,tensile failure,shear failure and the supporting surface destruction,friction and wear can be divided into abrasion wear,friction wear,corrosion,wear,abrasion and fine particles produced by wear.

The several forms of destruction and friction and wear can often intertwined,for the analysis of damage and wear mechanism increases the difficulty of wire drawing dies.

But in general, the sort from high to low wear of various materials are drawing dies:Diamond Wire Drawing Dies (without considering the problem of natural diamond anisotropy)-Ceramic drawing dies-Carbide wire drawing dies-obsolete steel mold.

More extensive use of diamond wire drawing dies,for example,high-precision wire electronics,radar,television,instrumentation and aerospace as well as commonly used in tungsten,molybdenum wire,stainless steel wire,wire and cable wire and various alloys are used diamond dies drawn from the drawing dies,Diamond wire drawing dies mainly due to the use of natural diamond as the raw material,which has strong wear resistance,life is very high.




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